Who we are

30. August 2015

This web page provides information about our new charitable society “Projekt Ankommen e.V.”.

We founded the club in April 2015 with the ambition to help refugees after their move-out of the municipal refugee quarters into own flats to find their ways in their new city Dortmund, to settle in and to become integrated.

The club is independent from any operating companies and above party lines. Voluntary help is the most important thing for us. Political work is necessary, but this is not what we do, our help is convenient for consumers. This help is pillared by:

– the practical help with move-outs (from the organization over the medium of furnitures and other donations in kind to towing boxes on the moving day);

companionship and assistance of individuals and families in everyday life (also called “sponsorship”). Here is important: the company with administration office visits, the help with filling in forms, the help with exploring the new neighbourhood, but also talks or common ventures. This assistance can be very intensive or by the hour, according to the individual possibilites of the volunteer.

collecting contacts, infomation and offers (networking), transmission of the information to refugees and volunteers. Here we are working on a flyer in different languages, which can be a guideline for the refugees.

german lessons; after the successful completion the pupils get an important certificate

– last not least the integration of the people into our society, with common events and activity in the areas leisure time, sports, culture, etc.

On this web page you find information about appointments, activities, requests for help, contacts etc.

Furthermore we have a blog (just German at the moment), where you can find personally reports about our work.

We are pleased to get in contact with you. If you want to collaborate, contact us: kontakt@projekt-ankommen.de or look here.