German lessons

Language acquisition is one of the main aspects of getting settled and therefore one of our pillars. The lessons take place in a language school and lead to an authorized Certificate which is given to the students after the class is successfully completed.

Interested? Feel free to contact us at deutschkurse(at)

Practival Help with Move-outs

Organize and accomplish the moving process into their own apartments for people/families seeking refuge.

Salient points: initialize furniture- and commodity-contributions, schedule the actual moving day and provide a transporter. This can be done in a team or as a single person.

This part needs a lot of help in many ways! Please contact us auszuege(at)

Common Events and Activities

We want to welcome refugees in our midst and therefore organize Events and Activities to meet up. Whether free time activities, sport, cultural events or something else, we would like to encourage every individual to feel welcomed in our society and especially the City of Dortmund.

Do you want to support events and activities? kontakt(at)


Companionship and assistance

The main aspects of this are conversations and mutual gatherings. The support can be rather intense but also light, depending on the volunteers’ individual capacities. Support with authorities, paperwork of those, investigating the neighborhood together and much more  can be part of the mentoring. You’ll always find a contact person in our society if more informations are in need.

Do you consider a companionship? Please let us know: patenschaften(at)